How to use Hugo Prose theme

Yihui Xie
ℍugo Prose is a minimalist theme derived from the XMin theme, and inspired by Wowchemy (previously known as the Academic theme), Distill, and tufte.css. This theme itself is completely plain-text and lightweight, and does not use any icons, images, or emojis.1 By default, the theme only uses two JavaScript libraries, MathJax and highlight.js, and they are loaded only when necessary. The rest of JavaScript is written from scratch and also relatively short. This theme does not use any CSS frameworks, and the full CSS code is also written from scratch (about 300 lines). […] It is not the man who has too little that is poor, but the one who hankers after more. — Letters from a Stoic […] This page introduces the features of this Hugo theme that you can fiddle with. […] Below are the possible options that you may configure for a site based on this theme. […] Each page has a menu in the header and a menu in the footer. The header menu is defined in the header … Read more →